Agile delivery

Providing you with the tools and skills to deliver projects that delight all stakeholders.

Adopting agile can ensure your business reacts more quickly, reduces risk, improves cash flow and benefits from a competitive advantage in your market.

Unfortunately, real world projects to change businesses don’t conform to theoretical constructs. Every project is unique and needs to be managed accordingly. That’s why we use Smart Tips Consultants Agile Methodology.

To help you realize these potential benefits, we assess your capabilities to identify the potential barriers to undertake agile delivery. These are prioritized to ensure the culture is understood and embraced right throughout the business.

How it works


psychometric assessments

Pricing & Process

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Our Deliver Products

Building your delever capabilities with our range of products

Project recovery

Quickly get failing projects back on track and acquire the tools and skills to prevent problem recurrence.

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BA centre of excellence

Build the internal skills and capabilities for project excellence.

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Delivery managed service

Access specialist skills and knowledge when you need it with flexible consulting.

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Smart Tips Consultants is Now Consortium Consultancy

Smart Tips Consultants is now Consortium Consultancy


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