Arts & culture

Enabling growth, even in difficult times, through the application of best practice.

You need to grow your organization to reach new hearts and minds, whether that’s discovering the next wave of talent or educating the rest of us.  

How can you achieve this in an environment where funding for many bodies is significantly reduced and revenues are at levels seen over eight years ago?

Through working with many organizations in your sector, we’ve seen the good (plus the not so good) ways of doing things. We understand what makes organizations different and we always apply cutting edge knowledge, gained at some of the world’s most sophisticated businesses, to help you quickly grow, whilst still remaining true to your mission.


Our Arts & Culture related products

Project recovery

Quickly get failing projects back on track and acquire the tools and skills to prevent problem recurrence.

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BA center of excellence

Build the internal skills and capabilities for project excellence.

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Customer service

Provide your customer with excellent experiences to increase lifetime value and loyalty.

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Implementing technology that changes your business for the better.

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The latest case studies and blogs for the Arts & Culture industry

Struggling with a lack of quality data

The practical steps you can take to solve bad customer data problems.

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Forecasting is key to your pipeline

The top and the bottom of your sales funnel working in harmony.

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Smart Tips Consultants is Now Consortium Consultancy

Smart Tips Consultants is now Consortium Consultancy


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