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Smart Tips Feasibility Studies & Consultancy was founded in 2009 and has, from its inception, provided a wide range of management consultancy services to all areas of the business world. Smart Tips has worked successfully with private sector organisations and government agencies.

Dr Manahel Thabet in Prabook

A Word from the Founder

Each piece of the puzzle signifies part of the business, from establishing the business, setting principles, retaining attitudes and engaging experts, to following up the consistency of success through strategic planning, business solutions, risk management, financial analysis and professional reviews. A few smart tips will guide your business placing the pieces in the correct position and solving the puzzle to create the significant image of your business.

Dr. Manahel Thabet

Smart Tips Consultants was founded by Professor Manahel Thabet, a consultant who prefers to be considered as a partner in finding solutions to problems and gaining achievements.

Our Values

“The values shaping our company culture, guiding our decisions and how we serve our clients, are Integrity, Trust and Efficiency.  These core values are the foundation of our organisation and the philosophies that guide us”

Our Vision

“Our vision is to be the leading consultancy firm in our areas of expertise”

Our mission

“Our mission is to serve our clients through providing the insights and right business solutions that address their challenges. We aim to be the best in what we do”

Smart Tips offers reliable, high quality resources for business development, consultancy, feasibility studies, strategic planning, risk, and crisis management. We offer an extremely high level of practical experience, knowledge transfer, and above all, confidentiality. Working with Smart Tips is a highly professional, less risky way to develop new areas.

Our key areas of expertise are listed below:

Psychometric Assessments

We are the best in the UAE for psychometric assessments. Smart Tips has the largest database of psychometric assessments in the whole region. We ensure benchmarked assessment results, which makes us the most efficient.

Business Consultancy 

We offer clients the right business solutions that will take them forward in the right direction no matter how complex their requirements are. We help clients to take the right action at the right time with guaranteed results.

Economic Feasibility Studies and Consultancy

We help our clients to make smart decisions, with feasibility studies which analyse the viability of proposals to determine whether they are worth executing, and if they contribute to the fulfilment of the organization’s long-term objectives.

Human Resources Consultancy

We offer bespoke consulting services across the entire Human Resource functions, providing simple and effective solutions. We assist clients by strategically integrating effective HR processes, programs, and practices into their daily operations.

Marketing Consultancy

We offer the best market research techniques in the region to assist our clients to achieve the sustainable competitive advantage in the ever-changing marketplace.  We help our clients to improve their decision-making capabilities through intelligent marketing and consumer research services.

Tax Consultancy

We provide expert advice on tax management and tax consultancy services to our clients by offering a comprehensive range of fully integrated tax services combining insights with domain knowledge.

Marketing Operations Management

We enable our clients to achieve excellence in marketing operations to ensure a more effective, transparent, efficient, and agile delivery of marketing programmes, from planning and budgeting, to execution and analysis.

Information Technology Consultancy

Our Information Technology consulting services will help clients to frame an efficient IT strategy for implementing IT solutions & services. We assist clients in digital and technological transformations that are aligned with their business goals and objectives.

Project Development Consultancy

We offer professional project management consulting services to clients, no matter how complex, unique, or challenging the projects are. We have the ability, the experience, and the commitment to deliver a high value service for complex project developments with our intelligent management strategies.

Accounting Records and Bookkeeping

We understand the clients’ business needs and offer the best accounting and bookkeeping services to meet all their requirements. Our services enable clients to understand and monitor the movement of money before making important financial decisions.

Costs and Risks Management Services

We help our clients to navigate the risks in today’s volatile market with a strong focus on quality and by delivering the insights to manage the costs and succeed.


Smart Tips Consultants is Now Consortium Consultancy

Smart Tips Consultants is now Consortium Consultancy


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