You've got your process map, now what?

How to make your process mapping work for your business.

So, you’ve completed your process mapping, but how do you turn it into real benefit for your business? Many organisations tackling their business processes internally find this stage challenging. Here’s an example…

A large media organisation finishes mapping processes and stores them on SharePoint. Meanwhile, different parts of the business have made their own updates, leading to separate repositories and with processes that are inconsistent across the business. The result is exactly the opposite of what the company leadership was trying to achieve.

Why this happens

Process mapping must be developed as part of the whole system. It needs to be treated as a living, changing entity – one that needs caring for and updating as the business moves forward. It’s critical to prioritise the processes that deliver on the scenarios most important to the business, and this focus takes skill and experience.

Success depends on:

  • Having a clear view of the processes ‘as is’ and how they need to change – together with what’s needed to make this change happen
  • Using the right level of expertise to ask the right questions, listen and understand the requirements and prioritise actions
  • Feeding the actions for the process change requirements into the process itself
  • Making sure the use of data is defined by the process
  • Making sure the process followed starts with the business strategy, considers the most important scenarios, user stories and user data

Ensuring that the work will give you a clear and accurate view of what’s happening in key scenarios within the business, will enable you to enhance the customer experience and make lead to cash easier and faster.

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