Psychometric Assessments

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The goal of every organisation, when it comes to talent management, is to hire the right candidate and develop employees to their full potential. It is important to attract the right people, and enable them to reach their full potential, to be successful in today’s business world.

Psychometric tools help organisations to understand a person on a deeper level by analysing their psychology. Thus, psychometric assessments provide a much more valuable insight required in hiring, retaining, and developing the right people when compared to traditional methods. Psychometric tests assess a candidate’s intelligence, their values and behaviours, which will then help to find out if a candidate is the right person for a particular job role, or if he or she fits into the organisational culture.

There are mainly two types of psychometric assessment: one type is the ability, or aptitude, test; the other is personality, or behaviour, profiling.  Ability tests are usually timed tests, which assess the level of intelligence, or cognitive abilities, of a candidate in relation to a job role. Different tests can be used to assess different areas, such as numerical abilities or verbal reasoning. Personality tests measures a candidate’s interests, values, behaviours, and motivations. These assessments usually have no strict time limits, so there are no right or wrong answers. This can be used to identify leadership qualities, find out how well a candidate performs under pressure, or help to understand what motivates candidates. Thus, personality profiling can be extremely valuable to an organisation in team building and succession planning.

Psychometric assessments add reliability and validity to your recruitment and talent management strategies and are becoming ever more common as a part of the recruitment and development strategies of organisations across the globe.

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