Role of 

Psychometric Assessments

 in Recruitment.

Traditional hiring methods, such as resumes and interviews, can help employers find out about the education, experience, and skills of a potential candidate. But behavioural traits and personality, on the other hand, can be much more challenging to assess using traditional techniques.


“Psychometric” means “measuring the mind”. Various psychometric assessments are now available to measure the ability and personality of a person. Companies use these as tools to get a comprehensive understanding of a prospective candidate.  Psychometric tests measure a range of skills ranging from numerical reasoning to identifying patterns. They reveal an individual’s potential by measuring and analysing their cognitive abilities, personality, and behavioural profile.


Ability tests measure a candidate’s aptitude in terms of verbal, numerical and logical skills, so provide insights about their problem-solving abilities, including how fast they process information. Conversely, personality and behavioural assessments provide a deeper understanding of their communication styles, how they behave under pressure, what motivates them, and what their leadership potential is. This is done by assessing their personality, behaviour, and emotional intelligence.


Thus, psychometric tools offer a much deeper, more insightful understanding than traditional methods of hiring. These insights are invaluable in identifying how well a potential candidate is suitable for the company, or a particular job role. The insights gained at the time of recruitment will also be useful at a later stage, for example, as part of the development or succession planning strategies.


Depending on the job role or requirements, suitable psychometric tools, or a battery of assessments, can be used to measure the traits required for the job role.


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Smart Tips Consultants is now Consortium Consultancy


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