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Psychometric assessments will equip you with the insights required in hiring, retaining, and developing the right people.

Psychometric assessments measures an individual’s mental capabilities and behavioural style. They provide a good overall picture of a potential candidate or existing employees by assessing their abilities and personality .

Psychometric assessments are an integral part of an organisation’s talent management and succession planning strategies.  We offer a variety of Psychometric Assessments that will help you to find the right people for the job and develop them to achieve their full potential.


Online Assessments

Online psychometric assessments focusing on personality traits, emotional intelligence, quantitative, logical reasoning, among other aptitudes and competencies, are commonly integrated into the evaluation cycle of potential candidates and existing employees. 

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Online tools are becoming ever more common as a means of improving efficiency, consistency, and cost reduction, while stream-lining the search and selection process.

Hire, Retain & Develop

Hire the right person

Psychometric Assessments are a powerful tool to ensure the best candidates are selected by assessing their abilities and personality. The knowledge obtained from the assessments help to measure candidates’ suitability for a role based on the required personality characteristics and aptitude or cognitive abilities for the role. This ensures that you hire candidates that are a perfect fit for the role and also fit in your organisational culture.

Talent management

Psychometric assessments help organisations in understanding the strengths and weaknesses of employees or a team, thereby enabling the organisations to adapt relevant coaching and guidance as part of their employee training and development, team development and strategies. They help to identify skill gaps in the workforce and map key developmental areas.

Succession planning

Phychometric tests are essential in creating and developing leadership.  A combination of similar psychometric assessments with a focus on leadership can be used to identify high potential candidates as part of the succession planning and career progression strategies. Usually these are applied to an internal pool of candidates but can be especially useful when seeking leaders. The benefits of such tools also assist in managing the integration of a new leader into an organization.

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Over the years we have collected big data to aid us provide the most efficient benched-marked assessment results, especially in the UAE and GCC. Our clients are mainly government entities. We also collaborate with the private sector and multinational companies.

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