Managing a launch process

Don’t overcomplicate bringing a new idea to the market.

Launching a new business start-up or bringing a new product into the market can be an extremely exciting time. It’s a culmination of a lot of hard work and investment from numerous parties involved. As you get closer to a defined launch date, it is not unusually to doubt the fruits of your labour.

It’s often the level of commitment spent that can be a deceptive barrier to the success of such a venture. It can over complicate what is an already intricate process, with every single eventuality fretted over which can ultimately hinder the launch phase. It is perfectly natural to be daunted at the prospect of finally unveiling your grand plans to the mercy of consumers, but hesitation or delays can debilitate success rather than garner it.

It’s not effective to spend vast amounts of time only to realise your product or service is not quite what your customers want. Getting to market quickly by having an operational product can give you an opportunity to test if you have delighted your customers. If it’s not proved successful, you can re-assess and improve what has already been developed.

It’s important to get in front of your customers before the competition, but it is equally important to deliver something valuable to your audience.

Smart Tips Approach

Bringing a new concept or product to the marketplace at the earliest possible date is often the most productive method. We can help you to understand what matters most to both you and your customers when prioritising a clear road map ahead of a launch date.

We challenge you to have a complete understanding of the most likely user journey that your customers will make. This will help us to construct a ‘Sunshine Path’ for your project. Other potential user journeys, albeit less likely scenarios, can help define characteristics that form the basis of future iterations post-launch. These can be classed as ‘nice to have’ elements that won’t disrupt the immediate focus of delivering a minimum viable product that still delivers value.

Our agile approach is focused on supporting your staff, such as a Head of Product, to break down a complex process to more manageable and achievable milestones along the way. Each decision made will be value-driven, consciously considering what will achieve a positive outcome for all of the project stakeholders. This logical approach can also help reduce risks associated with delivering a new product or service into the market. Make sure your approach fosters the best chances of a positive outcome.



Smart Tips Consultants is Now Consortium Consultancy

Smart Tips Consultants is now Consortium Consultancy


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