KYC review

Are your KYC operations putting you at risk?

Are your KYC operations putting you at risk? The sad truth is many organisations are continuing to fall foul of breaches and deficiencies in AML and CTF, resulting in multi-million pound fines.

Furthermore, the 4th anti-money laundering directive has been live for several months – can your company be confident that the changes made to accommodate these regulations have been successfully embedded into your processes and systems?

Whilst KYC is obviously vitally important it is often viewed as a highly complex and costly function. Businesses are looking for ways to reduce its expense but achieving cost reductions whilst maintaining the high levels of compliance required – plus ensuring the ability for operations to adapt to new regulations as they are launched – can prove to be a difficult balancing act.

Your KYC review

A KYC Review from Smart Tips can provide you with the ideal starting point for future flexibility and efficiency. Our team will work closely with your key stakeholders to understand the real state of operations in areas such as;

  • Performance
  • Client Impact
  • Level of standardisation
  • Quality of reporting

At the end of the review you will receive an accurate assessment of your current situation. It will identify your strengths and areas where there are improvement opportunities. You will also be provided with an appraisement of the viability of outsourcing your KYC processes to an external third party.

The real benefit of a KYC review is the rapid and cost effective nature of the assessment. Reviews can be completed in as little as a week and with prices starting from just £2,500 you can quickly gain an overview of your KYC systems and processes to start you on the journey to more efficient compliance.


Smart Tips Consultants is Now Consortium Consultancy

Smart Tips Consultants is now Consortium Consultancy


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