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These days, it is common for employers to arrange psychometric assessments as part of their recruitment or development programs. The term psychometric testing may be daunting to some people. But with the right information and preparation, success will be yours.

So, here are some tips and techniques to prepare for a psychometric test. Following these will enable you to approach the test with more confidence, whether you are an employee, or someone who is looking for a job.

  1. Get a general idea about psychometric assessments

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  1. Understanding the skillset or personality profile 

If the assessments are part of recruitment, the employers could be assessing the skills, intelligence, personality, and cultural perspective required for the job role. The reports obtained from psychometric tools will provide an overall picture of your aptitude and personality traits. It will give employers the insights required for decision making. It tells them whether you are a team player or not, and about your problem-solving capabilities. So, before attempting the assessment, it is especially important to understand what attributes are required for the job role you have applied for. Usually, you will get an overall picture from the job description in the job advertisement itself. But you can always call and talk to the employer to get a clearer picture.

If you are an existing employee, the assessments could be a part of career development or a succession planning strategy. In this case, the assessments could be more focused on finding out the areas of improvements or leadership potential. Talking to a higher authority in your organisation might give you a clearer picture.

  1. Preparing and practising for the test 

It is important to remember that there are certain aspects of the test where you must be honest while answering without trying to influence the tests with practice and preparation. Intentionally trying to change how your personality is perceived while answering the personality assessments must be avoided. It would either result in your test becoming invalid, since the test will recognise inconsistencies in your answers, or you will end up in a position that is not suitable for you. However, preparing and practising will help you to score well in cognitive ability tests such as verbal or numerical reasoning. Moreover, brushing up on your knowledge and practising will increase your efficiency by improving your logical and analytical thinking.

  1. Tips to remember about personality assessments

– For personality assessments, there are no right or wrong answers.

– Make sure you respond to all questions even if there is an option to skip the question.

– Be honest and open while answering the questions

– Make sure to answer the questions in a way that is relevant to you, not how you think others may wish you to answer.

– Do not overthink. Usually, the first answer that comes to your mind will be the right one.

  1. Tips to remember about aptitude tests

– Ability tests have right or wrong answers

– There is usually a time limit. So, make sure to do it as quickly, yet as accurately, as you can.

  1. On the day of the assessments

– Make sure you well rested and relaxed

– Complete the assessments in a quiet place without any interruptions or distractions.

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