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People are the most valuable aspect to any organisation. High potential employees are even more valuable since they are the future of your company. So, it is especially important to identify and develop them.

How is it done?

The first step is to identify the high potential employees.

To do this, organisations need to understand their employees better. The most important factors to be considered are the employees’ aspirations to rise to leadership roles, their ability to be effective in those roles, and their commitment to the organisation.

There are certain personality traits which are common in employees with high potential. By measuring these personality traits, organisations can understand how potential leaders react under various situations.  This is of utmost importance during times of uncertainty, and within a rapidly changing world.  Organisations need leaders with long term plans, ones who can stick earnestly to those plans, or who can adapt well to changes in circumstances.

There are various psychometric assessment tools to assess the workplace personality which will help organisations to predict the risk of derailment, or job success, of a candidate. It is beneficial to both the employer, and the employees.

Once the high potentials are identified, organisations can take the necessary measures to develop them based on the insights provided by high potential assessment tools.  Assessing high potential can also help to support those already in leadership positions by identifying their strengths and areas of improvement.

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Smart Tips Consultants is now Consortium Consultancy


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